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Customized COVID-19 recovery diet essential to regain strength

Fatigue, dyspnea and loss of appetite in post-COVID patients hampers [...]

Is keto a healthy way to lose weight? Everything to know about the divisive low-carb diet

As an Indian actress allegedly dies because of it, we [...]

RAK Hospital regularly tests all 525 staff for Covid-19

RAK Hospital has been conducting regular Covid-19 screenings for all [...]

What to do if video calls make you uncomfortable

Videoconferencing calls are now a routine part of life, but [...]

RAK Hospital: Delivering excellence in healthcare beyond boundaries

RAK Hospital has been repeatedly recognised on various platforms for [...]

Dealing with breakouts? Here are five skincare tips for humid weather

From pimples to sweat rashes, muggy weather can wreak havoc [...]

Boost your immune system with ‘Blood Type Diet’

A strong immune system helps a person stay healthy by [...]

Coronavirus: two UAE hospitals offer rehab programmes for patients with lasting symptoms

RAK Hospital’s free-of-cost programme offers physical, cognitive, dietary and psychological [...]

Combating coronavirus: Hospitals take Covid-19 treatment beyond recovery

A free of cost rehabilitation programme has also been launched [...]

Back to the office: 6 expert tips to prepare you for the transition from home to the workplace

Feeling reluctant to leave the house or anxious about interacting [...]