RAK Hospital

World-class care at your doorstep

RAK Hospital, a unit of Arabian Healthcare Group, has established itself as one of the UAE’s most acclaimed private hospitals.
Once you step into the premises, rest assured you can leave your worries behind, as you will immediately notice premium healthcare seamlessly merging with hospitality to provide true holistic care.
Our friendly staff welcomes you and makes sure that your needs are taken care of through every step of the journey.
In addition, the world-renowned medical professionals working in a state-of-the-art infrastructure ensure that your wellbeing is in trusted hands.

Located between the picturesque Hajjar Mountains on the East and the Arabian Gulf on the West, the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah offers the ideal setting to recover and rejuvenate. Thanks to the peace, tranquility and privacy offered.

Maternity packages in Ras Al Khaimah Hospital

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best pulmonologist in rak

Specialty: Pulmonology Designation: Specialist Pulmonologist Qualification: MBBS, MD Languages Spoken:...

Dr. Suha Alsheikh Suleman

Dr. Mahmoud Korashy

Specialty: Cardiology & Interventional Cardiology Designation: Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Qualification: Cardiology MD, European...

Dr. Mahmoud Korashy

Cardiology & Interventional Cardiology
Dr. Bernard Faraj

Specialty: Urology Designation: Consultant Urologist Qualification: MD, FEBU Languages Spoken:...

Dr. Bernard Faraj

Dr. Margaret Sinclair

Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology Designation: Consultant OB/Gyn Qualification: MD, MBChB, MMed...

Dr. Malgorzata Sinclair

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Adil Rizvi

Speciality: Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery Designation: Joint Medical Director and Consultant...

Dr. Adil Rizvi

Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Azam Yusuf

Specialty: General Surgery Designation: Consultant – General Surgery Qualifications: MBBS,...

Dr. Azam Yusuf


Get our Virtual Second Opinion in 4 easy steps

  • Complimentary Screening

Complimentary Screening for Kidney & Gallbladder Stone

Avail Complimentary Screening for Kidney & Gallbladder Stone at RAK Medical Center, Ghalilah Saturday 10th June 2023 Screening using Ultra Sound* Location https://goo.gl/maps/3X2PGp13HSb9NAuXA  *For better results, please consume plenty of water before the scan. For [...]

  • Free CT Scans

Complimentary 100 Chest CT scans

Are you suffering from post positive COVID-19 symptoms? Consult our pulmonologist Dr. Suha Alsheikh Suleman and avail a Complimentary Chest CT scan. Complimentary 100 Chest CT scans during the month of June until 31 [...]

  • best pulmonologist in rak Pulmonology

POST COVID-19 Clinic

Were you a victim of the COVID-19 infection? Are you still suffering from shortness of breath? Visit our POST COVID-19 Clinic for a Complimentary Consultation with our Specialist Pulmonologist Date: 9th & 10th June, [...]