How to get medical opinion and cost of the treatment?
Patient’s case history/ current clinical reports/ scans & details of previous treatment taken can be shared with us through this website for the evaluation by our team of expert doctors which will enable us to provide the treatment plan and cost prior to patient arrivallink. On this page you can also fill the Referral form; the more precise the information, the more detailed we can determine your medical needs and be accurate in cost estimation.

In addition we have direct representations in many countries (Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq, Afghanistan links) where you can directly interact with our trained staff.

Is RAK Hospital safe? What quality standards do you use?
As a team, RAK Hospital works very hard to meet and exceed international quality standards. This is why we have been working since the opening of the hospital in 2007 to achieve both JCI Accreditationlink and Swiss Leading Hospital Accreditationlink. Both goals were achieved within 11 months of operation.

The JCI survey is very rigorous with over 1,000 safety and quality standards in their international hospital review. While it is true that part of the survey must be adapted to take into account cultural differences in management, this does not in any way allow for lower safety standards for the international hospitals they accredit.

In order to maintain the JCI Accreditation, the hospital must be reaccredited every 3 years. RAK Hospital has passed the re-accreditation surveys in 2011. For the re-accreditation process, a team of doctors and nurses and hospital administrators spend three days at the hospital. The team is allowed to look at absolutely anything in the hospital, and question each and every employee.

On a more frequent basis, we track more than 60 indicators of clinical quality, outcomes, and patient safety. We benchmark ourselves against US and Swiss standards.

Have these organizations ever taken any disciplinary actions against the hospital?
No. Neither accrediting organization has ever taken any disciplinary action against RAK Hospital. Both JCI and Swiss leading Hospitals have procedures in place to deal with complaints and concerns received from patients concerning their accredited hospitals. When requested, RAK Hospital has always provided all requested information to the independent reviewers in such cases. The hospital has met all requirements and has never been disciplined or had its accreditation withdrawn or restricted in any way by either accrediting organization.

How are a patient’s rights to competent medical treatment protected?
All patients in the UAE are protected by UAE law and codes of medical conduct. Patients may complain directly to the Regulatory Authorities, who have the power to enforce remedies since they grant licenses to hospitals and their doctors.

When considering any overseas treatment it is important to understand that any legal disputes (either medical care or commercial) concerning your care will be decided in the country of treatment, not your country of origin or citizenship.

Are the hospital’s doctors licensed and credentialed?
Yes. All RAK Hospital physicians are fully licensed by the Ministry of Health of the UAE to practice their specialty. In addition, many are Board Certified in their specialty in the UK, Australia, or Europe. RAK Hospital’s credentialing process requires a formal review of each doctor’s qualifications and track record by the Credentials and Privileging Committee and the Hospital’s Medical Executive Committee. These reviews take place before a doctor is appointed to the medical staff and then again every three years thereafter.
A summary of each physician’s qualifications is available when you search for a doctor on this website. If you would like to review the qualifications or specific experience of your physician in more detail when you arrive we can arrange for you to do so.

Does RAK Hospital use counterfeit or old consumables and pharmaceutical products to cut costs?
RAK Hospital absolutely does not sell counterfeit or expired pharmaceutical products. At the hospital we have close ties with international pharmaceutical companies to ensure the quality of the medicine, and to ensure the transportation and storage of the pharmaceuticals in appropriate dry, air conditioned and sanitary environments.

What about the blood supplied at the hospital? How can I be sure the blood is clean?
At RAK Hospital, we only use blood supplied by the Central Blood Bank of the UAE. The blood we use is supplied with the same testing and quality measures used in other developed countries.

What are the VISA Formalities to enter into the UAE?
As a package inclusion for in-patient medical cases, we will require the patient and patient attendant to send us a copy of their Passports (valid for at least 6months) and colored passport-size photograph. Our International Patient Coordination will process the visa and send you by email prior to your arrival. (Visa terms and requirements are mentioned and clarified in our Treatment Plan and Cost Estimate)

Will I be received at the airport?
Yes of course. A RAK Hospital staff will be at your airport of arrival to receive and welcome you and bring you to our hospital or to your hotel in RAK. In medical cases where the patient needs an “inside-airport” assistance, we will arrange a Marhaba meet and greet for you which will receive you when you exit your aircraft and hand you over to our staff at the arrival area.

What are the registration formalities at the hospital?
You are required to produce your passport upon registration. You will also be asked to deposit the amount as quoted in the cost-estimate in cash or by credit card. We accept all major credit cards.

What about accompanying family?
The cost quoted in the cost estimate includes the stay of one attendant in your room, including meals. Hotel accommodation for further accompanying persons can be arranged by our International Patient Coordinator.

What about food choices? Will the kind of food I prefer be made available to me ?
Yes, certainly. We will do our best to prepare and serve you a variety of choices of food as per your preference. However all dietary prescriptions are subject to your doctor’s advice and appropriate to your health status. We do not encourage food from outside to be brought into the hospital. Smoking and alcohol use are forbidden in the hospital premises.

Will someone guide me on the duration and cost of treatments?
Definitely. You will be given a detailed anticipated Medical Management Plan and based on this the cost estimate on an ‘all inclusive’ base is. Sometimes however the clinical findings after admission to the hospital may influence the anticipated plan. You will be informed at all times of any alterations of plan of management and cost implied by your treating physician and Patient Care Coordinator.

What are the procedures involved in my discharge? What are the formalities and will I get a copy of all my investigation reports?
Your primary consultants will inform the date of your discharge. At the time of discharge you will be briefed by the medical team on the treatment / surgery that you have had and on the medication that you have to take, follow-up requirements if any and finally will hand over all your medical investigation reports/X-ray/MRI/other scan images and medicines.

How can I follow-up with my doctors once I reach my home country?
We take this very seriously. In many countries we do have a representative of RAK Hospital, who will always be available to liaise for your follow-up medical care. You can also write an email or send a WhatsApp message to our International Patient Coordinator on your progress and he/she will help you keep in touch with your doctors at RAK Hospital.