1. Get in Touch

Contact RAK Hospital International Patient Services desk:
Email: intcare@rakhospital.com
Mobile: +971 58 954 7797
Land Phone: +971 7 207 4444

2. Send Your Medical History, Medical Reports, Laboratory and Radiological Report

To assess your medical concerns, please send us the result of your tests. (i.e. angiography, echo- cardiogram, MRI, CT Scans or other documents for further review and evaluation).

3. Online Consultation

Carefully planning your treatment based on the reports that you have sent.

  • Our doctors will include in your plan of care Surgical Re-evaluation and basic investigations.
  • Based on the reports you have provided, our specialists will generate treatment or surgical plan with the estimated number of days of stay that you will require in the Hospital.
  • Cost estimate will be sent to you.
  • When you have decided to come for treatment in RAK Hospital, you have to send a confirmation by email that you have received and agree to the plan and cost.
  • Our International Patient Care Coordinator will keep in touch with you for your logistics such as your arrival, accommodation, visa process and admission.

4. Arrange Your Trip

After agreeing to the plan of care and cost estimate, and the terms of payment have been confirmed, you can arrange your flight tickets, and we will initiate the visa process for you and your attendant after receipt of the required documents (Passports, passport-size photograph, and other immigration documents required on case to case basis).

5. Arrival

RAK Hospital Representative (English/Arabic speaking) will meet you at your UAE Arrival Airport with your complimentary transportation to RAK hospital.

6. Pre-op / Procedure checkup

The first examination will take place the next morning after your arrival. (e.g. General examination, ECG, echocardiogram, laboratory test, exercise test).

7. Procedure

Once all investigations are conducted and surgical clearances are done, your procedure will commence the following day.

8. Post Operative Stay

  • As per the estimated days of stay in your treatment plan, you will be staying in RAK Hospital’s VIP Deluxe Ward to experience our premium nursing care.
  • After Hospital discharge, if you wish to stay in Ras Al Khaimah until full recovery, we will help you get a hotel suited for your liking with our hospitality partners in the Emirate.

9. Return to Your Country

On your flight date, you will be dropped back to UAE Departure Airport for your onward journey back to your home country.

10. Medical follow up

Depending on the doctors’ advice, RAK Hospital International Patient Services Department will be in touch with you for follow up schedules.