Dentistry and Orthodontics: Picture-Perfect Smile

Our Dentistry Department is equipped with sophisticated dental units and is managed by experienced dental surgeons. Here the dentists are dedicated to maintaining and improving dental health as well as its appearance through advanced techniques and customized care. Services offered include general and pediatric dentistry, orthodontic braces, as well as Invisalign braces, among many other options.

Areas of excellence

• General Dentistry, Endodontics
• Pediatric Dentistry
• Laser Dentistry
• Neuromuscular Dentistry
• Orthodontics
• Scaling
• Oral surgery (surgical extraction, Apicoectomy)
• Prosthodontics Dentistry (including crowns and bridges)
• Cosmetic Dentistry (Veneers, Gap-closure)
• Periodontics and gum surgeries, curettage and flap surgery

Team of doctors

Dr. Santhini John

Dr. Santhini John

Designation: Dentist - Dental General Practitioner

Dr. Andrea Emilia B. Rodriguez

Dr. Andrea Emilia B. Rodriguez

Designation: Specialist Prosthodontics

Dr. Marwa Mostafa Abdel Ghany Hassan

Dr. Marwa Mostafa Abdel Ghany Hassan

Designation: Specialist Endodontist

Dr. Sudeep Thomas - Sr. Specialist Dentistry and Orthodontics - Dental
Dentistry and Orthodontics

Dr. Sudeep Thomas

Designation: Specialist Dentistry and Orthodontics (Visiting)

Dr. Shweta Sharma - Specialist Endodontist - Dental

Dr. Shweta Sharma

Designation: Specialist Endodontist (Visiting)