Counseling and Psychology Unit: Mental Health at the forefront

Our Counseling & Psychology Unit is committed to providing and maintaining a high standard of excellence in mental health services. We take a client centered approach to health care that is comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and affordable.

The Counseling & Psychology Unit provides a wide array of mental health services for children and adults. Our services combine a thorough knowledge of human psychology embedded in systems theory, cognitive-behavioral and experiential methods. We work with children to assist them with a number of issues including:
• Autistic Spectrum Disorder
• Specific Learning Disability
• Adjustment Issues
• Behavioural Problems

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The additional services offered by the Unit are:

• Intelligence, learning disability &personality assessment
• Consultation and management for ADHD, Autism and other childhood disorders
• Psychotherapy-CBT & Mindfulness, DBT & EFT
• Couples & Marital Therapy
• Counselling services for chronic medical conditions
• Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders, Self-Harm & Addictive Behaviours

Our Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Prateeksha Shetty - Clinical Psychologist - Counseling and Psychology Unit
Counseling and Psychology Unit

Ms. Prateeksha Shetty

Designation: Clinical Psychologist