Neuro & Spine Surgery: Cutting-edge Expertise

Our Neurosurgery and Spine Center specializes in minimally invasive procedures and treats neurological conditions using the latest innovations that the healthcare industry has to provide. Treatments are offered for brain & spine tumours, degenerative disc disease, pediatric neurosurgery, comprehensive neurotrauma care for head injury and spinal cord injury, as well as Interventional pain management procedures. The unit also works in close collaboration with our state-of-the-art Neuro Rehabilitation Center.

Areas of excellence

• Diagnosis and management of low backache, neck pain and headache
• Minimally invasive procedures for degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis including Total Disc replacement (Artificial disc)
• Non operative treatment of back pain with Epidural, Sacroiliac or Sacrococcygeal nerve blocks
• Peripheral nerve decompression surgeries like Carpal tunnel decompression
• Comprehensive neurotrauma care for head injury and spinal cord injury
• Pediatric neurosurgical procedures like Shunt surgeries & Meningomyelocele correction
• Surgery in selected cases of intractable epilepsy and acute stroke
• Neuro-oncology services for brain, skull base and spinal tumors
• Neuroimaging facilities including CT Scan (64 slice) / MR Imaging (1.5 Tesla)
• Cerebral Angiography



Our Doctor

Dr. Tinku Jose Kurisinkal - Consultant Neuro Surgery - Neurosurgery and Spine Center
Neuro & Spine Surgery

Dr. Tinku Jose Kurisinkal

Designation: Consultant Neurosurgeon