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Rezūm™ Water Vapor Therapy for BPH Treatment

ول مرة في الإمارات الشمالية مستشفى رأس الخيمة يوفر [...]

RAK Hospital Q&A Webinar – Psychology (10 Oct 2021)

How to have conversations about Mental Health Join our [...]

Basic Heart Health Package

Request a call back, please fill the form below [...]

Back to school Health tips by Ms. Ruba Elhourani

Watch Ms. Ruba Elhourani, Senior Clinical Dietician [...]

Bigger and more comfortable COVID-19 screening tent

For safety of our patients and our community, RAK [...]

Visit our 24×7 Cold & Flu Clinic

هل تعاني من الحمى أو [...]

RAK Hospital has set up a bigger and more comfortable 24/7 – COVID-19 screening standalone tent

For the safety of our patients and our community, [...]

RAK Hospital Q&A Webinar – Migraine (5th May, 2021)

What are the updates in the management of headaches/Migraines? [...]

Pre Ramadan Healthy tips by Ms. Ruba El Hourani

There are many ways to prepare your body [...]

FREE Consultation & Special Package for Glaucoma Investigation

The world is bright, save your sight! On the [...]

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