Hospital build & infrastructure awards is aimed at recognizing the best all round management of a facility in the Middle East, or those developed and/or funded by organisations in the Middle East, and should be able to demonstrate how a considered approach to the all elements, both physical and human, work together to ensure a strong healing environment. This award will focus on how the facility is managed to deliver the best healing environment through a combination of factors.
Evidence has been given to demonstrate the following:
Reducing length of stay (statistics)
Improving patient recovery times
Well-managed patient flow
Reducing waiting times
Decreasing levels of infection
Appropriate Staff to Patient ratios
Good Health & Safety record
A well managed Patient Nutrition programme and Catering process
Positive Patient Feedback through testimonials
Awarded the best hospital project at the 2nd Annual Arab Investment Summit 2011.
2nd Annual Arab Investment Summit Awards is judged by a panel of prominent property developers and equity financiers from across the Middle East, the Arab Achievements Awards were presented in recognition of companies with projects that have shown outstanding performance and made exemplary contributions to the region’s development.