After nearly 15 years of near blindness, a 47-year-old UAE resident was able to clearly see her face in the mirror following a complicated and high-risk eye surgery carried out at RAK Hospital’s Eye Care Centre.
King Khaton Loqman Saleh Shaban had been facing trouble with her eyesight for more than a decade, complaining of blurred vision, redness in the eyes and intermittent pain. Her vision was so poor that she could barely see anything around and was severely shortsighted. She was prescribed eye drops to relieve her pain and discomfort, but the condition had affected her quality of life considerably. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints she could not access medical assistance earlier.
Eventually, a charity organisation arranged for Shaban’s surgery. Dr Archana Sood, Senior Specialist and Head of Department, Ophthalmology at RAK Hospital said: “Tests at our centre revealed complicated cataract in both her eyes, as a result of an old intraocular inflammation. These cataracts are problematic in nature, potentially posing several challenges during and after surgery. In the right eye, the patient barely had perception of light with the eye deviated towards outside, while in the left eye, her vision was very blurred. This left her constantly dependent on others to work her way through everyday chores.”
Published: | April 15, 2018
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