Abdullahi David was flown from his native country to Ras Al Khaimah.
Doctors in Ras Al Khaimah successfully performed a life-saving surgery on a four-month-old infant recently. The Nigerian boy had suffered fluid accumulation within the brain with progressive swelling of the head when admitted to the hospital.
Doctors conducted a brain surgery to save the little boy from stunted developmental growth, loss of physical and mental activities, and possible death.
Abdullahi David was flown from his native country to Ras Al Khaimah with complaints of the disease. Because of deteriorated brain function, he had lost the ability to smile, an action he was able to perform effortlessly earlier.
David ‘s parents had sought RAK Hospital after consulting various hospitals in Nigeria where no one was willing to perform surgery on a small infant due to narrow scope of success and, potentially, death.
“The surgery itself was not complicated, but the fact that patient was just a few months old presented a number of challenges,” explained Dr Tinku Jose Kurisinkal, consultant neurosurgeon at RAK Hospital who led the procedure.
Published: khaleejtimes.com | June 24, 2018
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