Welcome to Healthy Heart Wellness Club where the benefits are:
• Prevention of future heart problems
• Prevention of readmission due to heart related events
• Reduce discomfort
• Manage other cardio-metabolic syndrome (hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, etc)
• Weight management
• Get stronger
• Faster/quicker recovery
• Return to normal lifestyle as earlier
• Improve quality of life
• Live healthier and longer
• Management of Cardiovascular conditions
• Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Hyperlipidemia, Obesity etc.
This complimentary service can be availed by calling us on 072074444, for an appointment to enroll as a member of this club.
At RAK Hospital we truly care for your heart.
We look forward to welcoming you to this unique Healthy Heart Wellness Club.
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