RAK Hospital surgeons restore sight of patient after two failed surgeries
A 61-year-old Syrian patient regained vision in her right eye after surgeons in RAK hospital, UAE, conducted a complicated retinal reattachment surgery in the last week of March, a senior surgeon from the hospital said. The case was considered rare because the patient had undergone two failed surgeries in Syria to repair the retinal tear.
Wafa Jamil Boudi began experiencing light flashes and floaters in her right eye a year ago, but she did not pay much attention to them. However, when she started losing vision in the right eye and was diagnosed with retinal detachment, she underwent two surgeries within a space of a few months in Syria. Unfortunately, soon after the second surgery she experienced complete loss of sight in the eye, and she was referred to RAK Hospital.
Published: gulfnews.com | May 01, 2017
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