Podiatry: Start on the Right Foot

Our Podiatry department offers special treatment for a variety of issues affecting the foot and leg. Licensed by the Ministry Of Health, our experts are specifically trained to diagnose and treat problems of the toes, nails, feet, heels and ankles.

At the initial appointment, the history of complaint and treatment plan is discussed with the patient and implemented. Advice is given on basic nail care for patients who present themselves with painful toenails. This includes tips on nail cutting and filing, as well as reducing thickened nails with an electric nail file. The clinic specializes in treatment for:

Curving toenails: This could be the precursor to ingrown nails and the correct care of these is essential. Application of a nail brace can help position the nail to avoid the discomfort and complications associated with an ingrown toenail.

Wound care: Patient may present with a wound on the foot or ankle. This could happen following nail surgery or due to foot ulceration, blisters, and minor infections.

Protective and deflective padding: Deflecting the pressure away from healing wounds especially on the diabetic foot is necessary to aid healing and reducing discomfort.

Diabetic foot assessment: All diabetic patients should have an annual diabetic foot assessment as part of the ongoing preventative care of their foot and lower limb. This includes assessment of the vascular, neurological, biomechanical and physical condition of the foot, ankle and lower limb. The department also provides education regarding diabetic foot and footwear and refers to other practitioners for further investigation if needed.

Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis: This involves assessment of patients’ gait on a treadmill, physical assessment of the lower limb, foot and ankle, postural assessment, computerized gait analysis, footwear assessment and advice, provision of custom-made supports, orthotics, and physiotherapy and/or orthopedic referral if required.

Toenail surgery: Removal of part of or all of the toenail under local anesthetic, with or without chemical treatment of the area, which prevents re-growth of the removed nail. This is a simple procedure that doesn’t involve cutting or suturing of the skin and has a success rate of 98%.

Orthotics: The clinic’s experts specialize in the treatment of biomechanical conditions affecting the lower limb and postural conditions, e.g. flat foot, limb length difference etc. This can be corrected through custom-made medicated sandals known as Valinos.

Areas of excellence

• Nail bracing for curling toenails.
• Debridement of corns and callus.
• Toenail surgery.
• Cutting and management of difficult thickened toenails.
• Diabetic foot screening and assessment.
• Computerized Gait Analysis.
• Full biomechanics assessment of lower limb.
• Provision of Orthotics/insoles, and orthotic devices.
• Footwear advice.
• Patient education.

Our Podiatrist