An imam at a local mosque is back on his feet again after a serious road accident that very nearly left his paralysed thanks to a delicate spine surgery conducted by surgeons of RAK Hospital.
The 54-year-old patient, Ahmad (name changed on request), suffered a life-threatening severe cervical spinal injury in an accident but an expert medical team was able to revive him from a stage where he was virtually on the brink of death. At the time he was brought to RAK Hospital, his right hand was completely paralysed, his cervical spine was jammed and there was weakness in his limbs, said Dr Tinku Jose Kurinsinkal, consultant neurosurgeon at RAK Hospital, who operated on Ahmad.
The Egyptian national had also suffered from high cervical slipped disc and his spinal cord was badly bruised and swollen.
Published: | November 05, 2017
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