Do you have Liver problems?

Introducing Fibroscan compact 530

The most innovative liver disease assessment and monitoring system – it measures the steatosis (fat content) and fibrosis ( liver scarring and stiffness) in the same sitting.

FibroScan Package:
Original Price AED 1500
Offer Price AED 750

If you are suffering with any of the following conditions, your doctor will be able to assess the problem more thoroughly:
• Fatty liver disease
• High cholesterol
• Obesity
• Diabetes
• Chronic liver disease
• Chronic Hepatitis B & C disease
• Alcoholic liver disease

• It is a simple, quick, non-invasive and painless procedure done in the outpatient clinic
• Gives immediate results
1 in 3 adults in the UAE are at risk of fatty liver disease. If you are concerned about this we are here to help you.

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