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Dr. Andrea Emilia B. Rodriguez

/Dr. Andrea Emilia B. Rodriguez
Dr. Andrea Emilia B. Rodriguez

Dr. Andrea Emilia B. Rodriguez

Speciality: Dentistry
Designation: Specialist Prosthodontics

Specialty: Prosthodontics
Qualification: MDS in Prosthodontics
Designation: Specialist, Prosthodontics
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English
Experience: 11 years

Dr. Rodriguez earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry in 2004 from Santa Maria University (Venezuela) and her Master’s Degree as a Specialist in Prosthodontics in 2013 from the University Institution of Colombian College (Colombia). With 11 years of experience, Dr. Rodriguez has worked across different organizations in Venezuela such as Clinica Odontologica Total Salud Bucal, Clinica Dental West, and Grupo Medico Odontologico La Trinidad.

Before joining RAK Hospital, she worked 4 years in Saudi Arabia as Prosthodontist in Dr. Abdulaziz Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinic. She attended numerous dental conferences and seminars for advanced dental technologies in Switzerland, USA and Turkey.

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