Despite facing several challenges that called for quick thinking and immediate action, the surgical team at RAK Hospital saved a Canadian expat from permanent disability and potential death.
Mr. Brian Keith Hutchison was suffering from a large brain tumor – which he was unaware of – when he was first admitted to RAK Hospital’s Neurosurgery Department complaining of headaches and disorientation for the past three days. He was also suffering from weakness of the left upper and lower limb for one day and had subsequently developed drowsiness and increasing weakness in his left side.
Swinging into action the RAK Hospital team did the patient’s MRI that showed the tumor in the right frontal lobe causing severe swelling of the brain. Since his brain was in acute danger of permanent damage due to pressure, the doctors decided on an emergency brain surgery. Unfortunately, none of his family members were in the UAE to give permission, and air travel was impossible due to COVID19 restrictions. But since time was of the essence, the team made a telephone call to Canada to inform Mr. Hutchison’s wife and proceeded with the emergency surgery.
Post a successful operation, the patient was put on a ventilator for 24 hours and gradually he was weaned off it. He gained consciousness soon on his way to a satisfactory recovery. At the time of discharge, he had full power of his limbs and was fully oriented regarding time and place. He was airlifted by an air ambulance to Canada, 10 days after the surgery.
When the whole world is still grappling to come to terms with the difficulties imposed by the COVID19 pandemic, this surgery is an excellent example of the resilience and teamwork at RAK Hospital to cope with unexpected situations in challenging times.