Feeling reluctant to leave the house or anxious about interacting with people? Here’s how to come to terms with the new routine
“For those who feel overwhelmed, these feelings are valid. Psychologically, the walls of our homes have come to represent a physical fortress against Covid-19,” explains Dr Robert Chandler, clinical psychologist at The LightHouse Arabia.
“With the virus still present in our society, it is understandable that people may feel fear, dread or apprehension at the thought of returning to the office.”
This fear may present itself in new ways. Dr Prateeksha Shetty, clinical psychologist at RAK Hospital, says there has been a rise in cases of “health anxiety” over the past few months, with people developing palpitations and panic attack-like symptoms when having to physically interact with people.
Published: thenationalnews.com | July 25, 2020
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