To drive away the perils of obesity and diabetes and instil healthy habits at a young age, the RAK Hospital brings back the second edition of ‘Live Healthy Carnival’ ahead of the World Anti-Obesity Day, on November 25.
Parents are urged to change their kid’s habits and lifestyle, after a study focusing on school children in Ras Al Khaimah, found 40 per cent of them to be overweight, a further 24.4 per cent obese and 5.7 per cent extremely obese.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) had warned last year that over 36 per cent of children in the UAE are obese.
Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO Arabian Healthcare Group, and executive director, RAK Hospital, said habits such as preferences in food, physical activity, and the use of gadgets find roots pretty early in life, and our entire lifestyle stems from what we learn as youngsters.
“This is why children need to start eating healthy, exercising regularly and showing more interest in keeping well. Parents also need to create an environment where children are receptive and even inclined towards a healthier lifestyle.”
Dr Jean Marc Gauer, CEO of RAK Hospital, said many adults don’t realise that their habits not only harm youngsters physically but also encourages them to take it up as they grow older.
“A family we tend to consume a lot of junk food with little thought of exercising, resulting in obesity, diabetes, cardiac issues and other such chronic ailments.”
Published: | November 23, 2017
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